Wednesday, May 29, 2013

'13 Contd.

When you're so far the deep end, all that is left, all that ever will be, is to find how far the rabbit hole goes to, until you're back at the top again, and still you choose to persist, to dive back in to the depths, yet again to dance with the shadows.  photo N7-0009_zps7775ab4e.jpg  photo N7-0016_zpsacf164a8.jpg  photo N7-0036_zpsc635c485.jpg  photo N7-0149_zpscf13cb65.jpg  photo N7-0159_zps8f5c3da0.jpg  photo N7-0166_zpsa7dba864.jpg  photo N7-0180_1_zps5d41b819.jpg  photo N7-0197-2_zpse9c18a57.jpg  photo N7-0299_zps41ecacfd.jpg  photo N7-0377_zps2331afd5.jpg

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