Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mumbai | 13.11.12

Diwali. A tradition that went above and beyond the hindu folklore, and created a magnanimous adherence towards it throughout the subcontinent. "Festival of lights" is the immediate label, a namesake that ignites nostalgic images of kindergarten picture stories, somewhere deep within "Diwali" stirred the concoction of lights, firecrackers, festive texts and phone calls and the imprudent indulgence of sweets. But with it also came the raging fires, the ghastly smoke, the alcohol trails and the swindling bets. All this while every animal cowers in fear, desperate and alone in their corners, unable to join the men, rejoicing the return of an old fabled king. It's not them whom I pity, it's us, the men, who can't see beyond our own.

As accustomed, I had to pray, and somehow these words emerged in my head :

From darkness we emerge, to its depths we indulge, only to submerge in its infinity. Lead me to the truth, to the absence of everything.


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IceMaiden said... Reply to comment

There was a time when Diwali meant unlimited fun, with staying up for as long as mom allowed, bursting a supply of crackers that seemed endless. I remember waiting for the festival to begin.

Ever since, I started working closely with the strays of our city, and since my boys came home (two kittens I adopted off the streets), and I see the .. confusion, and helplessness in their eyes and behavior, I wonder how I missed the dark side of this festival of lights all these years...

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