Sunday, August 26, 2012

Leh, Ladakh - Set 14

Lies have crept in so deep into human conscience that "reality" is almost a concoction subjugated upon the many by the few. Look everywhere, and advertisements predict human behavior patterns almost effortlessly. We are told to like what we are supposed to like and abhor what the collective detests. Originality is sheepish at the very least and those who consider themselves alternative, are merely following a downgraded, unpopular trend. Even our emotive spirits are corroded, and the apparent virtues of a good being are mostly subjective in nature. Heroes are now cheaters, politicians are still corrupt and through an insurgency of social media, we have been ridiculed into an electronic species of worthless, non objectified debaters and arguers. Everyone has something to say, and everyone has been given their tiny set of speakerphones to yank out in public and blast their opinions away. And these opinions, almost fade away the instant they are blurted out, as another set of opinions is right behind, waiting to squeeze through everyone's bottlenecked conscience.

Our species is at the top of it's chaotic existence, and in all this, I find serenity in nature alone.

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