Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mumbai | 19.07.12

The life here in this bustling metro has always been about one thing, survival. Irrespective of whatever one would say, if we go down to the dearths and intricacies of this city, all you'll find is people living their lives by the minute, scurrying about for that extra money that would go above and beyond their daily expenses. The ones who lead a life of comfort, ones fortunate enough to have their basic needs provided for, focus completely on themselves, conveniently blinding and alienating the thought that might ponder over to the men who are the gears of this city. I suppose societal conditioning and the natural order of evolution pushes us to better ourselves, work towards attaining our fullest potentials, but how did we come to think that the only thing reflecting this purpose of ours is a cocktail of constant monetary gain, unquestionable acceptance and limitless admiration in the hierarchy of society? 

Defocus from these trivialities, and you'll see that life isn't about concluding it, being perched on the highest branch, but about knowing and accepting who else you share the tree of life with.

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