Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Leh, Ladakh - Set 9

For most, travel has become a means to escape the monotony in their realities. A getaway of sorts from the rudimentary daily ramblings, both inner and external. Then there are the few who travel to ascertain their correlation with the existing universe, a trip taken to extend one's coherence beyond the existing realms. For me, it's always been to engage in something that is innate in every living being, a curiosity bound undertaking that dwells from deep within, asking questions constantly and leaving to get the answers. To understand one's reason to exist, being witness to this magnanimous planet in the cosmos, and to interact and capture the moments that pass by, never to be ascertained from that very position ever again.

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Hansinee said... Reply to comment

Your photos make me want to visit India so bad!

Smaran Sahu said... Reply to comment

@Hansinee You should :)

The Glam Traveler said... Reply to comment

Amazing pictures, and great blog! I look forward to seeing more:)

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