Monday, July 23, 2012

Leh, Ladakh - Set 11

I often look up into the sky, not to assimilate the presence of an almighty, but to bear witness to the constant change in its image. We, as a species, irrespective of our global dominance, are so frail at the hands of nature, that a domineering change in weather casts a fearful shadow in our demeanors. We'll go, run and hide in our shelters, succumbing our daily routines to a perpetual standstill. Man's progression is too lopsided to even consider it an accomplishment, when a gust of wind can bring pragmatic changes in the topography, leaving us bewildered and helpless. Yet, we continue to corrode  the earth, bringing us to a point of imbalance, where cities get submerged due to torrential downpours, global platonic plates shudder and volcanoes come to the brink of volatility. 

We live limitlessly, on a planet with limited resources, and common sense still eludes us.

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