Friday, June 29, 2012

Leh, Ladakh - Set 5

There is a grotesque swivel in the value estimations, we as a society, project to our apparent priorities. We have become a species inherently focused on baseless projection of wealth, status and are constantly busy in the act of accumulation rather than utilization. From being conservative to being ruthlessly voyeuristic, our global conscience has shifted ahead towards total desensitization. It's become real hard to jolt us from our realities, at least  from our actual realities, and easier to continue living in a world without questions or critical thinking. Now, even our emotional quotient is under exploitation, right beneath our noses and we still deter from demanding accountability. The area wherein our moral responsibilities adhered to, has shrunk drastically. Times like these are comfortable for those living the rudimentary, mundane lives, free from radical thoughts or unfathomable aspirations, but those few who still seek respite from all this madness, the answer lies completely within. Seek it, believe it and then question everything.

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