Wednesday, June 13, 2012


26th March 2012

So consumed are our thoughts that the intricasies of life have become a plethora of right and wrongs, of good or bad, of darkness and light. How did we limit ourselves to such extremes? Who did we believe? Our eyes, or was it our ears? Could be our sense of smell, or maybe our touch. Yes, could be our touch, because before we were pushed as a child by that friend of ours when we had just begun running, we did not even understand the meaning of hatred, of fear. And how were we so weak so as to be consumed by fear, fear not only of the unknown but also of the known. We installed those barricades, trying to not let fear come in, not realizing we trapped ourselves within fear itself. The barricades were not to stop the strangers, but to stop us from breaking free. And see the humor in it all, we were the installers ourselves. 

You don't see humor in it? The fact is if there is anything more supreme than fear, it's humor. I see humor in a species striving to survive, to exist beyond it's capacities. To run, to indulge, to literally strip, only to indulge again. A species so incoherant in nature, that schedules, education, salaries, taxes, corruption, deceit even murder has become routine. A species so desensitized, that even sinning has no retribution, a species so conniving, so self centered that even beliefs are moulded and adjusted into a sense of repentence and acceptance. 

Acceptance? We ask for acceptance, when in reality we can't even accept each other. We created mass discrimination amongst our own, be it through religion, gender, classes, monetary acquisitions, geographical location, last names, color of skin ... does the list really end? How is it then that we can even think of being accepted? Are we so blind to our apparent states? We are such walking oxymorons.

It doesn't accept what hasn't accepted it. Run as fast as you may to this apparent goal you have scheduled for yourselves in your lives, the faster you run, the further it will stay from you. Realize that when even something as amass as water has no will of it's own, then you, something which is 75%-80% water is restricting yourself to the core, trying ever so hard to make a dent in the universe. Realize that you yourself are the dent in the universe, and unless you submit to its flow, this apparent acceptance will remain elusive, so much so that even if you reach your goal through the numerous routes that you set for yourself, you'll still be trapped within the barricades with fear being your constant partner, and ultimately you will surrender to the fear and death will visit you.

When will you break those barricades? What exactly do you fear? What can go so wrong? The universe exists without any bounds, then you, such a small speck of dust, has the audacity to create such high walls around you? 

And then you do not see the humor in this. Hmm. 

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