Thursday, May 31, 2012


How many of us can truly acknowledge that we are content with how our lives unfold each day? I find it relentlessly humorous when I see how little it really takes to be genuinely content and how everyone is striving to attain more and still not appeased. It's an absurd cycle, wherein, we go from absolute nothing to attributing success to be directly proportional to how many things we own, and it's only when we lose everything, we realize that we never needed it all to begin with.

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Predators on the hunt.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Root BTS - The Boys

These boys live right opposite my ancestral house in Gainada village, Kuhuri, Odisha. They and their enthusiasm will be quite vivid throughout TheRoot.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Root BTS - Paper Trails

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The Root - BTS

Preproduction work. Collage of memories.

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Perceiving Reality

17th May 2012

In the metaphysical world, an entity exist with a unique identity. Aristotle's law of identity focuses on existence being dependent on identity, a particular thing is characterized by it's shape and size, or other traits that creates a unique precedence. This existence is independent.

What I believe in is that our realities are shaped as to what we perceive it as. By me stating this, I do not mean that if we perceive a gun to be a shoe, it becomes a shoe, but what I am rationalizing is that we perceive a gun to be a gun because our minds correlate it to what information we have tied with the visual, oratory and sensual cues of a gun. We know it's shape, size, purpose, what it's made of, apparent weight, color, all dependent and derivative of either a memory or an instructional form of conscience. Either we were told what a gun is, or we have had an experience with which we connect it to. 

Similarly, with everything in our lives, when we wake up, we perceive everything to be where we left it the previous night. Our world hasn't changed, as what we perceive exists right in front of us, and those things, or places that are not within our immediate visual periphery, our mind fills in the gaps and makes us believe in that reality.

This information transmission, is something we are not aware of immediately, but this happens to each one of us, something like a reboot of a computer system. Our brain has the capacity to fill rooms with things, buildings with families, cities with people, nations with monuments, even our ideologies remain unchanged as our reality becomes so dependent on how we perceive it.

I believe in creating a self experienced rationale, without the unnecessary intrusion of belief systems infiltrated by media, dogmas, learned intellectuals or other institutes that are considered of value. When one truly experiences something, only then can he rationalize it through his core and his path is then determined through the dissections and interpretations he makes. This is something I am true towards and will remain forever.

These same experiences have made me come in contact with drug addicts, individuals suffering from apparent delusions, individuals considered to be derelicts, acute alzheimer patients and memory loss victims. To connect with them, and to listen to their interpretation of reality, is in itself an experience. I was able to witness the power of the mind, how they were able to perceive things, at a level that is irrefutably senile when seen from physical laws that define human existence, but it also iterated the immense attribution we have to our minds and what it dictates. The understanding, that very minute knowledge projected by our brain, is unquestionable to them. What they perceive, becomes their reality. These individuals, depend on their mind to tell them what we take for granted, their realities exist because their minds tell them it does. It's very easy to call them delusional, psychopathic, or various other connotations that we "sane" individuals profess, but what we forget is that the mind holds the key to our existence. What we perceive becomes our reality, even if a tv remote is a tv remote, but in someone's reality that tv remote becomes a mic with them being an opera singer. Emotions traverse space and time, and what they feel is as real as what an actual singer might feel. 

To tell them, that this isn't real, is us restricting our ideologies based on laws that define human existence. To not be in their shoes, and to condemn reality on absolute identity, is like any other religious dogma being pushed down someone’s throat.

As a filmmaker, my entire world revolves around perceiving realities, and using a medium to project it for other's to interpret it and make it theirs. My reasoning with anyone and everyone, would be to not adhere to a set of understanding because that’s what they were taught, to not believe in someone else’s interpretation of life and it’s intricacies, just because the world holds them at high repute, to unlearn everything that one has learnt and to depend only on their own experiences and what their core tells them to believe in. By this, I do not state that one should condemn everything that is knowledgeable out there, but to be true to their paths, and have knowledge be derivatives of experience, rather than realities that have been already perceived. 

Go out, and perceive your own reality, as at the end of it all, you would have lived a life of truth. Your truth.


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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Root, a tribute

A personal project, on the edit table. Coming soon.

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