Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Live in the moment

New short - Live in the moment

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Ayesha said... Reply to comment

Great job :)

Ree said... Reply to comment

This is exactly how i feel after a long day of punchin' in numbers.
Amazing work!

Smaran Sahu said... Reply to comment

@Ree Maybe it's time to stop punching numbers and submerge yourself away from calculators and computers.

IceMaiden said... Reply to comment

Nicely done! :) .. Though did you know that shooting in and around railway stations is supposedly deemed "illegal" after the 7/11 incident? (I really do not know if it is infact illegal, but I got shooed away the two times I tried!) :| Been wanting to do a timelapse at a railway station for a long long time. Sigh. Maybe I'll get third time lucky! :)

Smaran Sahu said... Reply to comment


Everything that we are supposed to do are eventually considered illegal.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Amazing, you work is brilliant!

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