Friday, October 21, 2011

MNML Tres Update

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Pranita Kocharekar said... Reply to comment

Wow. This is fab! It is kinda difficult to get this done for a beginner (like myself).
I remember once in our photo-lab we tried doing this. (#fail)
Can you do a tutorial soon ? It'll be interesting to know stuff !

Smaran Sahu said... Reply to comment

@Pranita Kocharekar I wouldn't know the steps to replicate this as this was shot while trying to achieve a silhouette. With a high f stop and low iso, only the most exposed areas were visible, hence the result. I would suggest just keep on clicking and continually experimenting, specially with how much light enters the camera. :)

Pranita Kocharekar said... Reply to comment

Thanks for the help :)
I'll try soon! :D

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