Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I believe Mumbai is one of the most unaesthetic city of India. Don't get me wrong, there are places which are quite pristine and the fact that the sea is right next door is quite awesome, but in reality the skies are usually gloomy greys and the roads are filled with filth, foot traffic and cars. I admire the recent initiatives of college students taking part in clean up drives and I applaud their efforts to give this city the face lift it desperately requires but in the meanwhile, I try to find places that look the least like what Mumbai generally is. Obviously it's quite a task and given the nature of my run-n-gun style of shooting, the camera does attract quite a bit of attention, with random people popping in and out of the frame.

Through Styledrive, I try to maximize the aesthetic element of the environment that I shoot in and in the process give my best to give it a completely different outlook with every new shoot. It's an ardent task, has led to many cancelled shoots and have had plenty of remarks wherein the photographic element is questioned repeatedly by the "client".



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pooja elangbam said... Reply to comment

i follow styledrive as well. i think its a killer combination. she with her style and you with ur photography!you both are so very talented and complement each other so well!its a pleasure to look at your photographs(gives a very nice feeling)

Sam B said... Reply to comment

I second pooja...you two gel so well together. I love ur work and her style :) Keep going you two!

shivangi said... Reply to comment

the first and the last pic is really nice.........!m unable to find u on facebook.....!

Smaran Sahu said... Reply to comment


https://www.facebook.com/N7Photography :)

♥Sharon♥ said... Reply to comment

Awesome work Smaran..You're REALLY talented !!!

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