Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Paint Spill


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Ice Maiden said... Reply to comment

Hey there!

Came here through StyleDrive.. I know nothing of fashion and something of photography :P so leaving a comment here - Your pictures are really beautiful! Keep up the good work! I checked out your time-lapse video and I was JEALOUS! Such an awesome view! Came out really really well! :)

One question, do you happen to use Lightroom? I haven't used any Canon cameras yet, because I own a Nikon.. though I have been meaning to try out my friends Rebel for a while now.

Looking forward to more pictures! :)


Smaran said... Reply to comment

@Ice Maiden

Hi Annie,

Thank you :) The time lapse was an experiment just to see the capabilities of the camera and my ability to execute it. I have a larger project underway revolving around timelapse which I am sure you are going to enjoy.

I do use lightroom, but not extensively. What I try to do is mostly snap at 1, 1.5 higher exposure and then tweak the contrast in lightroom and of course as I shoot in RAW, lightroom just gives me a bit more flexibility with making sure I get what I want out of the click.

I'm a hardcore Canon user so wouldn't know a thing about Nikon. I'll definitely take a look at your pictures :)

Ice_gurl said... Reply to comment

beautiful picture :)

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