Thursday, May 5, 2011

While you were asleep

… the world literally passed by.

I have been meaning to try my hands at this for quite some time, but I could never find a suitable weather wherein either the night sky is lit up by stars ( who am I kidding, you can never see stars in Mumbai ) or plenty of clouds for that dramatic effect. In fact I missed out on the perfect night that this would have been epic on. May 1st being Maharashtra day, I had no idea that there would be fireworks galore all visible from my bedroom window. I was completely unprepared for it but just when I saw it going off I rushed and took out my camera, started firing, only to realize I didn't have a cf card in it, ran to put one in, that one turned out to be full, got another one, ran to the window and tried to set it up on the window sill, coz obviously taking out the tripod from its bag n all would take another 2 minutes and by the time I could get it steady and at the appropriate long exposure settings, the fireworks had stopped. :'(

Well enough of the sob story, here's last night's experiment. The camera was set to take 5 second exposures @ 6 second intervals and I wanted a 24fps video. 1922 pictures shot in 192 minutes and total number of pictures used in the final sequence is about 1272.

First of many to follow :)





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pinkstruck said... Reply to comment

I've watched the video thrice already.


Smaran said... Reply to comment

:) its just an execution test, but yeah I'll make something soon employing this technique alone.

Akshima said... Reply to comment

One Word- WOW

Do you edit these pictures? Because the colors just look so vibrant and so amazing
And it would be awesome if you start posting some tips on photography and do a tutorial on editing =)

Smaran said... Reply to comment

No editing was done. To go and tweak 1272 pics would be insane. They are all clicked with 5 second exposures so the camera is taking in as much light as it can, hence the vibrancy. As for tips and tutorial, if anyone has anything specific in mind then ask away and I'll try my best to help out. :)

The Billet-Doux said... Reply to comment

Your work is - UNDOUBTEDLY - the best out of all the amateur photographers in India. I mean it! And I'm very critical on these things (not that I know much, I just like to think that I have a better sense of aesthetics than most people).

I mean, I silently laugh to myself when I see facebook pages dedicated to a "photographer" and then when I check out the photos, they are soooo bad!

Absolutely AMAZING! :D

pooja elangbam said... Reply to comment

the video is insanely amazing! great work.
you have an amazing eye as well!
did u learn photography all on your own?
i am just strting out with it and i am having a great time despite being technically dyslexic.
hope you drop by my blog

Smaran said... Reply to comment

@ Aranya haha thanks but a bit far fetched. I'm just an enthusiast. Glad you like them. We should have a billet doux + style drive shoot soon!

Smaran said... Reply to comment

@ pooja :) I have a belief that photography or any other art form for that matter, can not be learnt. It should be a process wherein you experiment and learn as you go till it literally becomes an extension of you. I am still in the same path and will be for a long time. Thanks for dropping by and I'll definitely look at your blog as well. :)

The Billet-Doux said... Reply to comment

It's not far-fetched at all! Don't be modest ;)
And lol, I live in Delhi but if I ever go to Bombay, I'd be honoured to do a photoshoot with Styledriveeee <3

And you're right, photography or any other art form cannot be learnt! See? That very crucial bit of acceptance and knowledge makes you SO good at what you do! :)

Smaran said... Reply to comment

:D I'm flattered. I know you live in Delhi, in fact I lived there myself for 10 years. I graduated from DPS RKP :p I'm sure me and aayushi will see you soon, and we can definitely shoot then, here or in Delhi!

Amrita said... Reply to comment

Wow that's incredible! Looking forward to seeing more. I'm with Oona, you are SUPER talented! :)

--Sanam-- said... Reply to comment

Great photos :) & I so know what you mean, I never realise that I don't have a card in my camera until it's too late. Perfect photo opportunity GONE. So annoying lol :)

Day By Diva
Day By Diva

Tanvi said... Reply to comment

You already know that I love your work!

♡ from ©

sam kc said... Reply to comment

hey smaran, i really loved the idea of the video....could throw some light on how u got the pics together in a video? did u just use windows movie maker or sumin??
and i must add the video is a crazy piece of art...what do you think a gif file of it would be like?

Smaran said... Reply to comment

@sam kc

Hey anon ( sam kc doesn't really help :p ), well the process is quite simple, once you have all your time-lapse photographs together, you just need quicktime 7 and use the image sequence functionality to churn out a quicktime export. That's all. :)

A gif would be nice, but with gif file's there are compression issues, and I rather like this in atleast 720p quality. However, I did do gifs a while back here,

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