Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Goa Interrupted

I happened to visit Goa for the second time in a month, and this time I carried my gear along. Gung-ho as ever, I made elaborate plans of shooting time lapses, 60 fps videos, photographs that indulge the unexplored etc etc but Goa has a way of throwing away any kind of pre conceived planning per se. In the end, "extensive chilling" replaced everything else and I happened to only snap a few shots.

Oh well, someday there shall be magnanimous planing, and execution of said planing will be of uttermost importance, but till then this shall suffice.






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artyheart said... Reply to comment

Such beautiful shots! Especially the crab one!

Sarita said... Reply to comment

I just stumbled upon your blog. You click amazingly well. :) Looking forward to more posts and pictures.

Smaran said... Reply to comment

@arty : Thank you. this little bugger wasn't even visible unless it strutted about.

@sarita : Thanks :) Do keep posted!

pinkstruck said... Reply to comment

i love the pictures!
especially the crab one and the last one! :)

Tanvi said... Reply to comment

Ah-mazing! As always! :)

♡ from ©

Bonniela said... Reply to comment

I am quite a sucker for great pictures and anything to do with photography. Love your work!!!

Smaran said... Reply to comment


Thank you :) I try.

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