Thursday, April 28, 2011


Two very distinct creatures each having their own predating spheres and methods. Nature is illusive yet so intriguing. I do have a bit of arachnophobia and being up close and personal with one was my way of getting away from its intrigue. Even though its a common house spider, still the fact that those little beady eyes are watching every movement of me and the lens is a bit unsettling. I wonder what went through in its head, or did it actually suffer from 'humanophobia', and hence was just paralyzed with fear?

I was shooting for Styledrive and saw a row of birds on a high wall fencing. Paying no attention to it, I just assumed they were crows when in fact it turned out to be falcons, about 10 of them just sitting there. I really wanted a close up shot of them but those sneaky birds would fly away as I inched my way in. Out of the many that I could take with my 70-200 this was the most interesting composition wise. Although I wish it was tact sharp :(



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Amrita said... Reply to comment

Thanks for the take some brilliant photographs! Love these two!

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