Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Style Drive Shoot

For my first shoot, I happened to help out my girlfriend's fashion blog venture and shoot a few pictures for her website. The shots were all taken in a parking lot on a bright sunny afternoon. With my original plans of getting a thermocol and bouncing the mid day sun for the shots being completely downtrodden upon due to the time constraints of the two lovely ladies, I had to resort to the available light.

All pictures clicked at f 1.4, and it was only after the shoot that I researched and understood that the 50 mm f1.4 canon lens is sharpest at f2.8 and above. Oh wells.

All in all a decent first shoot, understood my comfortability with the 7D body and the lens dynamics. Next one will be a killer. Defo!


Please, no commercial use without asking and please don’t re-host the full resolution images without my permission. Thanks :)

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